Baby Brieanna
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Baby Brieanna

6LBs 12OZ. 19n 3/4 inches ..........Born Feb 12th

Welcome to this place called earth Brieanna

Brieanna Elizabeth

Hello world, My name is Brieanna Elizabeth. I'm learning new things in each day. I love my momma but never want her to put me down.

yup you got it.... that's me.
 Are you looking at me? Did I say you could look at me? Ahhhhhh!! everyone is looking at me.

Get out of my way!


Brieanna and Momma

This was momma holding me during my first few hrs on earth, We're begining to bond now. I love my momma.

meet my pappa

Hi Pappa! We'll have more pics of him and I together hopefully soon.

My toys !!!

 I'm all winnie the poohed out. I'm litterally the pooh bear, I have taught momma this.