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Today's thoughts tommorrow's journey.
A jounery into a new begining of my fresh start past my greiving sad thought's. Here are things I journied through in my life to make it the past into a new tommorrow.

Who am I really? I am who I am even when I don't feel like who I am!
This is me. This is my deepest thoughts. This is my deepest inner feelings reaching for the new light. This is me!

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This is one of my favorite images
This is Ginger and I at Valley Forge National Historical Park.

One of my 3 kittens, although I actually have 5 cats total and my dog Ginger.

This is * Simon*

In memory of him.

This is *Dusty*

This was my youngest one only a few months old, lost his life to FIV.

we love you always Dusty!

This is whiskers just waking up.

This is my Oldest of the 5 cats

This is *Peaches*

This is one of my favorite images

Well I have to get a portrait photo of this one cause I don't know where his is.

But this is  *Midnight* 

he is the 2nd oldest of my 5 cats and the little on next to him was whiskers when he was a kitten.