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Baby Sarah

Baby Brieanna

I could ask for no other family than my own. They have always been loving and supportive with me.

Most important of my family to me who have been easiest to discuss my tough times with were, and are still my brother's. I love you guys!
My oldest brother Steve (35) and my lil nephew (his son) with my youngest brother Dave (23)

Group Photo!! Everyone Smile except Max ... lol
This is my family. Although my sister n law missed out on the group photo shot and as you see i guess Max was camera hy one min he was in the shot ... the next where's max ... lol ?
My Loving Father!!
Thanks Daddy!! I love you forever. Thanks for your support. Dad with me and my daughter Brieanna.
The three mother's :) lol. Love ya !
This my most wonderful treasure. The support under my feet, and my dear love of my life. My mother, her mother and me with my daughter.
My daughter 12 hrs after birth, first arriving home.
Baby my love!!
My baby!

Born Feb 2005

6lbs, 12oz, 19n3/4 inches at birth. I love you  Brieanna.

Then there is my best friend Tina who is more like my sister. love ya girl!

My babies!!!                    I love you.

Danny & Brieanna
This is my most favorite picture of Brieanna and her father, My danny.
They're beautiful.


Brieanna &Great mom-mom  (My father's mother)


                                             My good friends Chrissy & Stacy who helped throw Brieanna's Baby Shower.

Brieanna's other grandmom
Danny, his mom and our daughter.
The other palmer family
My brother and his family with Brieanna.
mom, dad, and daughter
we're proud of you.
My 2nd mom
A very dear family friend Bonnie, who is like my 2nd mother.
Most important in my life......
My daughter; Brieanna.