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True Experienes: lived by TigerLoverz~
What you are about to read are true feelings of Tigerz~ and some content may not be suitable for all to read it may bring out bad feelings, or may help others who may feel the same. Written and lived by Tigerz~ herself.

WHO WILL YOU CHOOSE Written by Jenny Palmer Jan. 1998
Who will you choose, on judgment day.

Darkness covers the earth, where light once shown above.
Evil lurks in every turn, where angels once held the throne.
Who will go beyond the door to where our Lord reigns?
Where the angels still open their wings to embrace us with their tight and loving grip.

Who will choose to burn in an everlasting fire
and take a chamber like a forever-flaming jail?
Where Satan is sitting back and laughing at his followers and all of their evil doings?
Who will carry the cross and spread God's Word?
Who will help to bring out the good in the lost world here on earth?
Who are you ?

The time is soon near; it will soon be coming upon the day of judgment.
Who will you choose standing upon the feet of our judge on judgment day?
STANDING UPON A HILLSIDE. Written by Jenny Palmer Jan. 1998
Standing upon the hillside.

Standing upon a hillside looking at all creation around him,
Seeing evil everywhere he wonders who will truly see me and remember me.
Standing on a hillside he begins to cry as he watches all his children who don't listen and only disobey.
Standing on a hillside the people watched him die as darkness began to creep over that hill. Then he yelled his last words Father forgive them oh father why have you forsaken me? as he took his last breath and dropped his head to die.
Standing on a hillside we now are telling his story about his faithfulness and full glory as he took our sins and died to save us.
Are you standing here with us? Will you stand alone on the top of the hillside with us and tell his story? Will you admit to yourself in the witness of all around who are seeing you standing upon this hillside? Will you take up the cross and live as he lived? Are you standing upon his hillside?
DO YOU REMEMBER... YOUR INNER CHILD-LIKE SOUL: Written by Jenny Palmer May 26, 2001
And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children,
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3)

Do you remember the days when you were a child? I do.

Do you remember when you fell,
And I said, Stand up
You'll be okay?

Do you remember when you
Thought you had no friends?
What did I say then?
I said, It's okay.
In me, you always have a friend.
I am your friend.

Do you remember
When you took your first step?
I reached out, then,
for you to take my hand.
Do you remember?

Do you remember
When everyone told you that you were ugly?
What was it I told you then?
I told you You're beautiful;
You are the exact way I made you
In the image that I saw you
The image I created of you
An image of me.

Do you remember the times
You came to me and said,
Father, I can't go on
Remember, then I said, It's okay.
Then I carried you.
Do you remember?
I do.

Well, I look at you today,
And I still catch you when you fall,
I still tell you that you are beautiful,
And I still say, It will be okay.
Most of all, I still love you.

Yet, I am concerned for you,
But know through experience, you will see again.

I say to you now
Try to remember those child-like hearts,
And go back to those days.
Open your heart, and regain your child's soul,
So you may know
I am still with you.

Please remember your inner child,
So you can remember me,
Your one true Friend.

Remember Remember me!
I've stayed by you
All your life.
Stay by me.
Remember me!
LOVE FOR A MAN: Written by Jenny Palmer August 29, 2002
Love for a man
Love for a man I can not hold.
But what love I feel but yet can not touch.
Love that I seek but can not find.
The unseen and seen but nowhere near by.
To reach but not grasp
To ask the smallest of all small things yet given nothing and making it big.
To hear the words but not see the action is bigger than the grasp of that less taken.
What things we may know may never be found unless we pay attention to he who knows best. Yet even the best know not the road taken only the good that's not forsaken.
I know the true love is the one above yet another true love is the one I want to love.
My heart yearns for love from that one man, the love for a man I have not yet seen.
Will we ever meet face to face and see something more than just what we see.
Will we grow as one as a flower in the sun.
In one body together forever no matter what the weather.
May our Love grow strong for He and I.
Nothing less than the better best,
nothing more than the farthest shore.
Nothing so strong can get inside. Inside the soul where all the deep dwell.
May it be good it will be seen
may it be bad it will be heard.
but the inner self is where it does creep.
To never come out until the right time
till the day that love for that man will bring me to rest.
To see that not yet known and feel that not yet touched.
to seek but not find.
To reach the unreachable
slipping by the smallest things and not yet coming to the bigger ones.
To hear the words from far and near but not understand the things in eyes view.
The love for a man I don't yet know.
The love for a man I can not hold.
Feeling the love that has not been touched.
Finding the love I no longer seek.
The one true love.

The one sacrifice.
The love of my life.
THE FEELINGS OF LOVE: written by Jenny Palmer October 11, 2002
The Feelings of love by JLP. Oct. 11, 2002

Missing the one my heart loves.... while looking for the answers. Yearning for that someone who will fill each deep gap. Living life to the fullest watching each next step. missing the one my heart loves wishing each day would pass to move to the future that's far ahead and leave behind the lost in the tangled past. I feel this love this sensation burning, but don't know the answer that that is yearning to be known. It's like the wings of butterflies flapping inside with the rumble of clouds tumbling by. this is the love I feel inside for that someone I am missing who isn't near by. Do you know him now will you know him forever...will it become more than this. He's the light in my day and the fireflies at night. He the heart that comes along and sweeps me off my feet. Is it the whistle of the wind or a loud rumble of thunder that will unsettle all. Will I soon to the day know him from the rest of the wold to feel the touch of his final fall and feel the love of his angel from above. Seeing the final truth not of the world or youth but his own intention of the coming of his future to end. These are the feelings of love which will soon one day come to be.
REMAIN AS YOU ARE: written by Jenny Palmer July 3, 2002
Remain as you are; for you are not so far.
Remain as one, in the Father and the Son.
Together with three to eternity.
Remain as one till the last has come.

Remain in the lord; for you have been called.
Remain in him, who saves all from sin.

Turn over your life and all in it.
To open a new door to your life for a better fit.

Ask for strength to build a strong foundation, and the peace to put your mind at ease.

Put your faith in God, and he will be your rod.

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