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dis is dispicable.... a weally awesome website undercontruction..Yuch!!!!

Welcome to Green Tree Church Youth Group 2003.


Carolyn just being herself. :)

Picnic Time.

Justin.... are you trying to be the lead singer of the Newsboy or something or just remain a "Jesus Freak" .... lol

more of our youth group in OC, NJ.

Me by the lake in Kansas.

Habitat 4 Humanity 2002

Two of Green Tree's youth at the Winter Retreat Jan. 24th-26th 2003

here are 11(Green Tree Youth) of the 170 (ANE) youth who attended the retreat.

Jackie and her toyland. :)

Michelle and Rick at lunch

Some youth listening to "The Story"

Dana's Glamour

What Dorks !! lol just kidding..... this is me and another advisor eating breakfast. lol

Some youth at lunch.

Chris you enjoying yourself? Ha ha ha.

Hey michelle What ya day dreaming about ? Hello.... ?? McFly? Are you in there ? lol

Go Eagles!!!! Pastor David aren't you hungry?

Eagles! Eagles! Eagles!

Eagles Party 2003

Lets listen in on the advisor meeting.

and these are not only the youth director's of the church... they are my parent's. LOL

Jr High youth advisor's .... also husband and wife. LOL

Camp Games .... Oh my what's

waiting in bordum for food

Girly talk!

Is this three's company..... No wait i think it's four's