Prayer is the answer.
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Turn your eyes to God. Ask of him what you put on the plates of others... he can give whathe feels is suitable. Lay it all into his hands and let him do with it what he want's Amen~

  Look to Father in all situations, listen to all he has to say, talk with him and discuss with him everything on your heart and mind.He will lead you in his own time. Whatever it is you need and desire just ask... he can give it to you.

Dear Prayer Friends,
***2005 Joys & Concerns***

Dear Prayer Friends,

Here are the concerns shared. Please include them in your daily prayers. Thanks.

a request to pray for all college students

Tom Wilson has written this letter for prayer for his father.

Dear Friends,
  If you could, keep my dad in your prayers.  I don't remember if we have discussed this or not, but last year, on my birthday (Feb. 5) dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  He had a surgical freezing done last April, but unfortunately the tumor markers are growing again.  He and mom went to MD Anderson, the cancer facility in Houston today and I don't know exactly what the doctor there told them yet, but mom just said the doctor "leveled with us pretty much about how morbid the scene is."  I know the high differentiation in his biopsied cancer cells showed a pretty aggressive cancer, but the hope had been that it had not metastasized.  My guess is the doctor in Houston believes it has.  When it metastasizes the prognosis becomes much worse,  I don't know exactly, but what I've researched shows it could be three years and its most likely to spread to the bones which is one of the more painful cancers.  I dealt with a lot of the big emotions last year at diagnosis, but its just a process.  Dad has always been very health conscious and does now and has exercised at the health club for years.  I know it must be hard after living well for many years to have this come up at just 71 years old.

Anyway.  Thanks for your prayers. :-)


Chris Palmer & Jen Palmer, on behalf of the youth, asked for prayers for the church and the youth as a growing group.

Jen Palmer - For her and her new daughter as they are begining a new journey in life together and do not know the future which lies ahead.

Pastor David Belle- As he has chosen to resign from Green Tree as pastor.

                      we hope to see you sunday
                          (if you're in the area).

Green Tree Church of the Brethren

1078 Egypt Road, P.O Box 874, Oaks, Pa. 19456

  Other Prayer Requests
-- For the unsaved and non believers.

-- For my church.

-- For My brother and sister n law.

-- For all my friends.

-- Barry Arner, 54, had a massive stroke this past Satruday and is in St. Mary's Hospital, Newtown, Pa. He is in serious condition with much bleeding in the brain. Please pray a miracle for Barry and his wife Karen and their college sons Robbie and David.
Barry is a colleague of mine in Central Bucks. (Mr. O'Donnell)

-- Fred Daywalt has returned home and is getting reajusted to living situations and his own home again.

-- Cy Yocum passed away Thursday morning on 2/13/03 Prayers for the family needed.

If there are you would like to add or mention, just email me or log it in our guestbook either private or allowed. God Bless everyone.


GTCOB pastor,David Belle has decided to resign from this service, but to continue ministering elsewhere.